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We have now more the 10 sourced factories, for Knit, Woven and sweater and we have own

print factory and embroidery factory and we have own sample making room where we can

make samples quickly for customers requirement. We have very good sourcing of fabric in

locally and abroad and also good sourcing of factories as per buyers requirement.


We have experienced and Professional Merchandising side who follows the orders point by

point and also experienced Quality Control Team who always takes care the production day

by day and on line report to merchandisers daily basis and everything is on my supervision.


We always ensure and export quality goods within the due time as the way we have trained

our people.


What is our main achievement in these 5 years is wedid not make any stock garments and

still we did not get any major claim fromcustomers due to quality problem or delay shipment.




Managing Director And Marketting Manager




Name : Anisur Rahman

Company Name : Needle Work BD

Mobile No : +88 01841 823782

Email : rahman@needleworkbd.net